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Quality of Service Assurance

Quality Assurance

It is easy to get lost in today's fast moving I.T. industry. One can forget that the aim of any online learning program is the "learning".

The design of an online learning program is not just the simple transfer of text and graphics. With its multimedia properties, E-learning is a new learning medium with a unique set of teaching methods and learning strategies. learn.ed solutions has researched the delivery methods thoroughly and integrated the learning outcomes and learning strategies into this medium.

Best practices employed :

  1. constant monitoring of student progress via the reporter function
  2. local support services utilized
  3. responses to technical questions within 24 hours
  4. discussion board responded to promptly
  5. educational content updated
  6. evaluations conducted regularly
  7. delivery technology upgraded frequently
  8. embedding of advanced online security measures

Narrowband and Broadband Delivery

Our courses have been designed to be delivered via domestic modem (narrowband) as well as via broadband.

Whatever means the end-user employs to access the course, the fundamental concept is unchanged. Authentication of student's status is made via one of the databases residing in learn.ed solution's facilities and content is then delivered by one of the many content servers distributed where and as required (currently located in three countries)

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