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learn.ed Solutions Education and Training Solutions (for face to face, online and/or blended delivery)

  • Online English Language Training
  • Face to Face English Language Training
  • Intensive English Language Live-In Work Shops
  • International English Proficiency Tests (IELTS™, TOEFL™, TOEIC™)

The learn.ed Solutions group is pleased to offer its dynamic and comprehensive e-learning courses, full immersion training workshops and tailor-made training solutions to deliver learning outcomes, to urban and remote areas, anywhere, anytime.


EfL English for Living™
English for Living ("EfL") is an exciting, interactive English course for students wishing to hear, speak, practise online and write English to a level commensurate with the international English language standards. This product is delivered online.  
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EfL Lesson 21
EfL Lesson 21 is an intensive 5 day preparation course delivering the techniques and strategies required to score well on the International English Proficiency Tests - IELTS™, TOEFL™. This product is delivered on a "face to face" basis. 
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EfL English At Work
EfL English at work is specially designed to meet individual client needs and training outcomes. Our team of specialist consultants meets with the client company to determine the desired learning outcomes and designs the training course. This offering is delivered on a "face to face" basis. 
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EfL Cable
EfL Cable is a series of 30 English language learning episodes written specifically for TV broadcast. The lessons are between 5 to 6 minutes long and introduce idioms and commonly used words to enhance one's use of the English Language.
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Flexible Learning – English Excellence FL-EX is a six month English learning program that is tailored for the individual time management needs of working individuals, students and holiday makers. FL-EX bestows on the student the freedom to control the learning process, combining EfL- English for Living™, with interactive cohort learning activities called User Group Forums in authentic social situations. This training program is delivered on a blended basis.
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Multimedia Course
The course is an on-line series of lessons on multimedia developed by The Centre for Telecommunications Information Networking (CTIN), the private arm of the University of Adelaide. This Multimedia course has been converted into a format for delivery over the Internet by learn.ed solutions.
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