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What is e-learning and how can it benefit you?

E-learning is technology based learning and with recent advances the range of programs offered via this medium has grown exponentially. This growth has created great interest from the business world and new alliances between industry and education have been forged.

In this new era of education we are finding more and more technology based industries teaming up with educators to offer programs that are interesting, accessible and of a high educational standard.

E-learning is learning from electronic media and covers all areas of technology-based learning, including TV, interactive TV, Internet, intranet, satellite, broadband, narrowband, DVD-ROM etc. Over the last 10 years e-learning has become more popular, affordable and the preferred way of delivering training to workers in corporate situations.

Online learning, which is one part of e-learning, is a term given for courses and training programs delivered via the Internet, intranet or extranet.

Certificate of Achievement -
All successful students will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the assigned module.

Self-paced learning -
Students are in control of their own time management and can set their own timetable for study.

Online Assessment -
Online, automated recording of progress and levels of achievement.

Secure -
A secure authentication process ensures that only enrolled students are able to access the course.

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