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EfL Lesson 21

EfL Lesson 21 is an intensive 5 day preparation course delivering the techniques and strategies required to score well on the International English Proficiency Tests - IELTS™, TOEFL™. The course includes practice sessions and 1 mock exam which is conducted under examination conditions.

EfL - Maximise Your IELTS™ Score
Improve your exam technique and approach the IELTS™ test with confidence. The program includes

Two Mock Exams to
practise efficient time management during the test and improve your understanding of the purpose of the questions - includes personal counselling on key areas of concern.

Analysis of Listening, Reading and Writing Questions to
understand the purpose of the questions, identify key words and phrases to look and listen for and develop your individual strategies to address the types of questions which are used in the test - includes practice questions during the sessions on the individual elements.

Practice your delivery for the Speaking Questions to
identify the objectives of the questions and develop your speech pattern techniques and body language to meet the requirements of the speaking test - includes individual practice speaking sessions with the lecturers which are video-taped and reviewed.

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