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EfL Modules

EfL Modules
Note: Modules 1,2 and 3 are "face-to-face" curriculum and are not offered online.

Module Four (IELTS outcome rating 4.5-5+/TOEFL 450+)
is the first stage of intermediate studies and extends the student's knowledge of English vocabulary, grammatical structures and conversation in readiness for more advanced studies.

Module Five (IELTS outcome rating 5.5-6+ /TOEFL 500+)
prepares upper intermediate and advanced students for tertiary study.  It builds on the functional and communicative bases established throughout the previous modules and extends the students to a higher level of English language competency.

Module Six (IELTS outcome rating 6.5-7+/TOEFL 600+)
prepares students for post-graduate study and/or work at neo-professional level in an English-speaking environment. The themes are contemporary and functional, promoting cultural awareness through the program's unique immersion based pedagogy.

Each module contains 20 lessons. Each lesson contains chapters on:

The Vocabulary segment consists of words that the student will use throughout the lesson. The student practices the pronunciation and sounding of the vocabulary through the program's proprietary recording software.

The Language Focus segment introduces students to the various rules of the English Language. This section is designed to help students construct their spoken and written language more fluently.

The Conversation segment allows students to listen to, and participate in an English Conversation. Students are guided through areas of discourse analysis, and are directed to watch for different aspects of communication eg: body language, verbal pauses, facial expressions, formal and informal voice intonations and speech construction, etc.

The Reading segments consists of two readings, covering all aspects of the reading genre. These readings are not only presented in text but also with full audio files to help students develop their reading and pronunciation skills.The segment also contains a glossary section to aid students in (a) developing their English vocabulary and (b) in reading for meaning.

Just For Fun
The Just for Fun segment is a unique part of the modules, giving students a break from the more serious side of English study. It introduces them to the humour which ensues when an idiomatic expression is taken literally.

The Listening segment allows students to hear English without relying heavily on text. For more advanced students the text is removed completely and for the lower level students, minimal text is used combined with graphics. In all modules students are guided through each listening with the help of teacher instructions.

The Writing segment is split into two sections,

a) Writing Review
b) Writing Assignments

Students are exposed to all genres of writing and are required to develop their own written work, which is then assessed.

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