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English for living™

English for Living ("EfL") is an exciting, online, interactive English course for students wishing to hear, speak, read and write English to a level commensurate with the international English language standards. EfL has been approved a training resource ("talking book curriculum") to deliver the Certificate III, IV and the Diploma of English Proficiency pursuant to the Australian Quality Training Framework.

The EfL Modules  

Module 4

Learning outcome equivalent to IELTS 4.5-5+/TOEFL 450+

This module is the first stage of intermediate studies and extends the student's knowledge of English vocabulary, grammatical structures and conversation in readiness for more advanced studies.

Module 5

Learning outcome equivalent to IELTS 5.5-6+ /TOEFL 500+

This module prepares upper intermediate and advanced students for tertiary study.  It builds on the functional and communicative bases established throughout the previous modules and extends the students to a higher level of English language competency.

Module 6

Learning outcome equivalent to IELTS 6.5-7+/TOEFL 600+

This module prepares students for post-graduate study and/or work at neo-professional level in an English-speaking environment. The themes are contemporary and functional, promoting cultural awareness through the program's unique immersion based pedagogy.

 Note: Modules 1,2 and 3 are "face-to-face" curriculum and are not offered online.


EfL™ as a curriculum resource for institutions, teachers, training departments of corporations and other training needs.

EfL™ develops English communication skills for social, vocational and educational use. The learning outcomes are based on international English language standards ("IELTS"™ and "TOEFL"™). EfL caters for the knowledge acquisition strategies of students preparing for tertiary studies and / or business persons looking to develop further their English to enhance their standing within their particular industry segments.

EfL has been designed to meet the increasing demand for English as the international business language and is available for use by the individual student, as curriculum resource for English Language Training Institutions, as personal development learning and remediation training for Universities, Colleges and Business Corporations.

The flexibility in the distribution methods of EfL as a mass market language learning tool has led to widespread interest throughout South East Asia and other countries.

The online course has a series of learning modules each containing 20 lessons delivering learning outcomes from "IELTS"™ 4.5 to the equivalent of "IELTS"™ 7.0+. Different entry levels are decided by determining your present level of English language competence.

Assessment tasks are selected on a random basis from our database of some 50,000 questions. The completed tasks are submitted online with immediate results and feedback to the students.

Tutors provide blended learning support via User Group Forums as an option.

Course administrators and parents are provided with password access to review the progress and performance of their designated student(s).

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