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FL-EX: Flexible Learning - English Excellence

Flexible Learning – English Excellence FL-EX is a six month English learning program that is tailored for the individual time management needs of working individuals, students and holiday makers. FL-EX bestows on the student the freedom to control the learning process, combining EfL- English for Living™ with interactive cohort learning activities called User Group Forums in authentic social situations. Added prize incentives are provided to ensure that the student stays motivated and focused on improving rapidly.

FL- EX can be embedded alongside existing training programs of corporations and training institutions to improve and remediate language skills. FL-EX allows the opportunity to culturally immerse in an English speaking work and living environment.

FL-EX is particularly suitable for

  • Students
  • Busy working professionals
  • Corporations
  • Holiday Makers

FL-EX is a 6 month easy learning program with the following steps:

  • We determine your level of English and recommend the entry level of study.
  • You study the recommended module of the online EfL – English for Living™ anywhere, any place every day (90-120 minutes per day) with our online guidance.
  • You practise your English in our User Group Forum sessions – cohort learning activities run by trained teachers (13 x 4 hour sessions conducted fortnightly).
  • You apply your new language skills at work, at play, in your studies and in everyday life.
  • You gain confidence and improve your English.

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