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ELMP Test – English Language Measurement of Proficiency Test

The ELMP Test is an online test, specifically designed to accurately measure and assess the candidate’s Functional English Language competencies

ELMP Test comprises three testing elements:

  • Reading and Listening test
    conducted online and marked electronically.
  • Writing test
    conducted online and marked by independent examiners.
  • Speaking test
    face to face interviews are video-recorded and marked by independent examiners

ELMP Test can generate more than 1 million concurrent different test papers.

ELMP Test has been accepted by selected universities and colleges around Australia.

ELMP Test deploys electronic, biometric scanning and physical security procedures to verify the identity of test candidates, ensure the validity of test data collected and the accuracy of the assessment procedures.

The ELMP Test Writing component is integrated with PlagScan Pro to ensure writing submissions are not plagiarised.  The Product is integrated with our systems to provide detection of acts of plagiarism against known external sources and within the body of responses submitted by all test participants.

ELMP Tests are conducted weekly and reported to the candidate within two weeks from the date of the conduct of the test.

ELMP Test has been referenced to other International English Language tests.

ELMP Test results are reported on security enhanced, numerically sequenced parchment documentation with embedded photo-image and indented certification stamps.

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