Privacy Policy

learn.ed Solutions Pty Ltd (LES) understands that as a user of this web site you need to be assured as to the confidentiality and security of information that you may provide to us.

We are committed to providing a high quality service and associated information in a secure and confidential environment.
The current Privacy Legislation is designed to protect your rights in relation to personal information we may require to request and store. Such information includes name; address; phone numbers; DOB; credit card and bank account information; education and employment history or status.
No information we collect is considered sensitive under the provisions of the Privacy Act.
When you browse our web site, read or download information, our system records time and dates, what pages are visited etc. Which is in accordance with this policy.
All information collected from you will be only to ensure we provide a quality service. No unauthorised information will be available to any third party. All personal details will be stored in a secure environment on our site.
When you visit our site a “cookie” (small data file) will be placed on your computer to assist us in identifying you and making your visit quicker and easier to browse. No personal details are stored as cookies.
Security of personal information is our priority and your user name and password are encrypted using SSL protocol
Access to information
You may at anytime contact us to access the information we have stored to ensure it is up to date or request we delete it from our system. Such request must be via email to and must identify you to us.
Academic Misconduct
LES does not tolerate academic misconduct which includes but is not limited to the following.
-               plagiarism
-               collusion
-               falsifying documents
-               cheating
-               bribery
-               any improper use of materials
-               inappropriate behaviour including abuse to LES or students, threats,
            slander or untruths
Academic misconduct may result in termination of enrolment, and can lead to referral to police.
We encourage students to report any misconduct to us in writing to ensure we maintain the integrity of our site and the quality of service.
Additional Information
LES reserves the right to alter our PRIVACY POLICY as and when our needs determine.
This Policy Statement is not intended to nor does it give you any contractual or other legal rights.
It is a condition of enrolment that all students comply to LES’s policies, procedures and terms and conditions.
In the event of a student being terminated an exclusion period may be imposed on any future enrolments.
On termination for any reason all fees will remain the property of LES.
Complaint and Grievances
LES ensures a fair and equitable management in relation to any complaints or grievances students may have.
All complaints and grievances must be presented in writing to LES.
Our policy is to ensure any unresolved disputes are review regularly and independently in conjunction with our Complaints Committee.
LES to committed to ensuring a transparent and effective handling and resolution of all complaints.

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